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Para la interpretación de la presente política se entenderán las siguientes denominaciones:

  1. "Política “. - La presente política.

  2. "Ley”. - La Ley Federal de Trabajo vigente.

  3. "Contrato”. - El Contrato Individual, vigente.


  5. "Instalaciones”. - Todas las que integran la “empresa” y las que se encuentren en el interior de cada uno de los inmuebles.

  6. “I.M.S.S.”. - Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

  7. NORMA. - Norma Oficial Mexicana 035, factores de riesgo psicosocial en el trabajo-Identificación, análisis y prevención

  8. “Empleado”. - personal que presta un servicio con la “EMPRESA”.


Employees are classified according to the duration of the contract in:

Employees are classified into:

  • Permanent employees: those whose employment relationship has an indefinite term in accordance with the individual employment contract.

  • Temporary employees: those who have been hired for the execution of temporary or transitory works, either for work or for a determined time, considering in this case the contracts as terminated and without responsibility for the company, when modifying or concluding the objects that motivated their celebration.

  • Trusted management level employees: Supervisors, Managers and Directors.


  • FIRST: It is the obligation of supervisors, managers and directors to apply this policy and lead by example.

  • SECOND: In this "COMPANY" Acts of workplace violence are not tolerated, nor are any incidents that promote psychosocial risk factors or actions against the favorable organizational environment.

  • THIRD: In this "COMPANY" measures are applied aimed at the prevention of psychosocial risk factors; the prevention of workplace violence, and the promotion of a favorable organizational environment, to prevent its adverse consequences.

  • FOURTH: In this "COMPANY" the exercise of the rights of the "EMPLOYEE" is respected to observe their beliefs or practices or to satisfy their needs related to race, sex, religion, ethnicity, weight or age or any other condition that may give source of discrimination.

  • FIFTH: In this "COMPANY" medical examinations are carried out on new staff to ensure and maintain their health.

  • SIXTH: In this "COMPANY" psychological and/or psychometric tests are carried out to place each worker in the position for which they have the appropriate skills and preparation.

  • SEVENTH: In this "COMPANY" to promote the sense of belonging of the workers to the organization, it is emphasized that each and every "WORKER" is important, since this "COMPANY cannot function if it does not have personnel from that of cleaning, going through the operational, administrative and even the managerial.

  • EIGHTH: In this "COMPANY", in order to adequately carry out the entrusted tasks, the training established in the Law is given according to the activities they perform.

  • NINTH: In this "COMPANY", in order to achieve the precise definition of responsibilities for the workers, the follow-up to the organization manuals and job descriptions that indicate the specific responsibilities of each job position are disseminated and promoted.

  • TENTH: In this "COMPANY", in order to achieve proactive participation and communication among its members, Announcements, news and notices related to its work and operations are published in the official media for the "EMPLOYEE", and the "EMPLOYEE", in turn, can publish the same type of announcements, news and notices in said media. These media do not include notices that are not strictly related to the work of the workplace.

  • ELEVENTH: In this "COMPANY" to promote decent work and achieve a favorable organizational environment, an adequate distribution of workloads is carried out, with work shifts in accordance with the "LAW" and the "CONTRACT" and that, for such In effect, it is defined in the organization manuals and in the job descriptions that are issued, depending on the specific nature of the work in question.

  • TWELFTH: In this "COMPANY" to recognize the performance of the "EMPLOYEE", his performance will be evaluated at least once a year, which is carried out personally through the supervisor and/or immediate boss of the "EMPLOYEE" and the results thereof will serve as the basis for determining recognition or benefits.

  • THIRTEENTH: This "COMPANY" undertakes to monitor compliance with the rules aimed at preventing any conduct or behavior that implies workplace violence, to safeguard the information that is collected, to process and intervene, in a timely manner, in the complaints that are received by established means.


  • FOURTEENTH: The "EMPLOYEE" undertakes to:

a). - Participate to establish and implement this policy in the "Facilities".

b) Observe the prevention and, where appropriate, control measures provided by this "Policy", to control psychosocial risk factors, collaborate to have a favorable organizational environment and prevent acts of workplace violence.

c). - Refrain from carrying out practices contrary to the favorable organizational environment and acts of workplace violence.

d). - Participate in the identification of psychosocial risk factors and, where appropriate, in the evaluation of the organizational environment.

e). - Report on practices contrary to the favorable organizational environment and report acts of workplace violence, before HUMAN RESOURCES.

f). - Report in writing to the "COMPANY" about having witnessed or suffered a severe traumatic event.

g). - Participate in information events provided by the "COMPANY".

h). - Treat co-workers, bosses, subordinates, visitors, suppliers, customers and guests with kindness and courtesy.

j). - Submit to the medical examinations and psychological evaluations determined by the "NORM" and/or the official Mexican standards issued in this regard by the Ministry of Health and/or the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and in the absence of these, those indicated by the I.M.S.S., or the doctor or psychologist that the "COMPANY" designates.


  • FIFTEENTH: HUMAN RESOURCES will assign a mailbox in the "FACILITIES" to present the written complaint that must contain:

a). - Date of elaboration.

b). - Name of the worker who prepares the document.

c). - Name of the workers involved.

d). - The date on which the events occurred.

e). - Description of the traumatic event, act of harassment or workplace violence.

f). - Indication of the "EMPLOYEE" if he wishes that in the case of harassment and workplace violence the investigation report be carried out to determine grounds for termination, since for this it is essential that the "EMPLOYEE" testify and have witnesses.​

  • SIXTEENTH: Once HUMAN RESOURCES receives the Complaint, it will give it an entry number as a complaint of PSYCHOSOCIAL RISKS.

  • SEVENTEENTH: HUMAN RESOURCES, may take the following actions:


a). - Channel the complaint to a medical area, either IMSS or private, in order to carry out the required tests, to determine the degree of exposure of the "EMPLOYEE" to the event, in the case of possibly traumatic events or work stress.

b). - In the event that the complaint reveals facts that could penalize an "EMPLOYEE" and if the Complainant agreed to give testimony, it must be channeled to the Legal area, for immediate attention as possible job termination.

c). - In the event that the Complainant requests the anonymity of their complaint, it will be analyzed to determine the conduct of violence and harassment of the participants, and in case the complaints are repetitive, it will be taken as action, training, interview or questionnaires. towards people who have been denounced, about leadership, awareness of treatment, courtesy and kindness and stop harassment. And if, despite receiving these courses, the conduct persists, measures of sanctions or job termination will be taken when appropriate.

  • EIGHTEENTH: In the case of the previous article when it is in the case of the subsection:

a). -The medical area must issue a report that it sends to HUMAN RESOURCES, to determine the actions to follow with the "EMPLOYEE" or the I.M.S.S. will issue medical disability if it deems appropriate.

b). - The HUMAN RESOURCES department and the legal area must report the legal actions taken, which can range from a reprimand to job termination.

c). - HUMAN RESOURCES must take improvement measures.


  • NINETEENTH: The "COMPANY" will carry out training regarding work environment, organizational peace, stress and conflict management and any other topic that is required for compliance with the "STANDARD".

  • TWENTIETH: The "COMPANY" will hold annual meetings to receive suggestions for processes and worker training.

  • TWENTY-FIRST: THE "COMPANY" will implement an annual meeting for the recreation of its staff and their families.

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