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Specialized Quality Services

Efficient Solutions that Optimize your Productivity

Automotive Industry

Industria Automotriz

Metal Mechanical Industry

Industria Metal Mecánica

Manufacturing industry

Industria Manufacturera
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15 Years of Experience in the Market

We apply quality assurance services that generate confidence and security for companies that their products will meet the appropriate conditions and the expected quality.

  • Save money: Thanks to our processes, we will help you avoid fines for non-compliant products.

  • Eliminate claims: Reduce your PPM of out-of-spec material defects.

  • happy customers: we will help you release product according to your customers' specifications, so you will not be late with your deliveries and your customers will remain happy.

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Industries in which we specialize

Automotive industry

15 Years of experience in the market providing efficient solutions that optimize productivity in the automotive industry.

Metal Mechanical Industry

We verify that the quality standards are met, that is, compliance with all the requirements expected in the product is controlled.


Manufacturing industry

Preventing waste from occurring in accordance with the quality assurance system enables the company productivity to be improved.

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About us
We provide efficient solutions  that optimize productivity in the different areas of your business such as: Quality, Production, Maintenance, Logistics, among others.
  • Mission: 

    IPS Soluciones Industriales offers specialized services in different industry sectors and business sectors, in addition to Human Resources Management, through a differentiated service attitude and being committed to a global environment of social responsibility.
  • Vision: 

    Achieve by 2025 to be a highly profitable leading business group, adding value through process automation and corporate responsibility in our services.
  • Quality Policy: 

    Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of our clients through...
  • Knowledge, experience and proactivity of our human capital.​
  •  Integrity and teamwork, always generating value for our clients.​
  •  Transparency, monitoring and control of our processes, to guarantee excellence in the quality of our services through continuous improvement.
  • Values: 
    • Passion
    • Commitment
    • Respect
    • Collaboration
    • sustainability
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